Death Of A TSAR

By Robert Marcum

After a diary wrapped in brown paper is passed to journalist Galya Starkova by a stranger for safekeeping, a series of complex events launches the possibility of another revolution in modern-day Russia. The White Guard wants the diary to help bring the Romanov heir back to the throne and recover the lost treasure of the tsar.
Former KGB leader Vladimir Tupolev wants the diary because it could destroy his power in the newly reformed Russian government. And there are others who want the mysterious diary - others who will stop at nothing to get it. But why? Galya seeks the help of Rand King, an American diplomat, and together they work to unlock the diary's secret.
When Galya seeks refuge at the home of her cousin Rustam, the entire household comes into jeopardy. Eventually Rustam's wife is murdered, and Rustam feels he must seek revenge. But what about his new church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? And will Rand and Galya find the treasure and unravel the mystery of the last of the tsars? Or will Vladimir Tupolev get the diary before they can achieve their quest?
Death Of A TSAR By Robert Marcum

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Deseret Book - 1994
ISBN-10: 0-87579-914-0
383 Pages

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