by William Martin

In Annapolis William Martin puts you there: on the decks of a fighting frigate as cannonballs send deadly slivers of wood and showers of blood through the air; in the far Pacific, where an otherwise impeccable midshipman loses himself to the touch of a woman and an island paradise; in the first chaotic days of the American Civil War, when honorable young men, forced to take sides, gather for a final good-bye beneath a mulberry tree at Annapolis; in the high-tech war over the sands of Iraq, where navy pilots dodge SAM missiles and one Stafford becomes a prisoner of war and a symbol of courage.  685 pages of history, action, adventure, romance, sex, and intrigue.

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Annapolis by William Martin

Book is in very good condition - Dust Jacket has some light scuff marks on back

There is no edge wear or dinged corners.

Published by Warner Books - 1996
ISBN-10: 0-446-51511-6
685 Pages

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