Sample of the books

True Believers By Doug Richardson Pirate Latitudes By Michael Crichton Man Overboard by Burl Barer The Husband By Dean Koontz Next By Michael Crichton

FEAR By L. Ron Hubbard The Day After Tomorrow By Allan Folsom Angel Light By Andrew M. Greeley Maximum Impact By Jean Heller Angel of Death By Jack Higgins

Mysteries of the World The Craftsman in America The Wonders of the World Reader's Digest Vol. 1 1995 B24 Liberator

Nice Collection of used Books. Most of the Books have been read once and are in excellent condition.
There are a few NEW books that are also offered as pre-owned.
You will find pictures of all covers and descriptions of the books.

I will sell no Books that are not in good readable condition with all pages and covers intact.