Book Condition Nomenclature
Very Good (VGood) - New, Like new, or very little wear. - Pages may not be pristine white and paperback books may have a light crease on spine.
Good - Moderate wear. - Pages maybe discolored (some yellowing) and/or moderate crease or roll on spine and/or page cover lightly worn/creased.
Fair - Heavy wear. - pages discolored (yellowing) and/or heavy crease and roll on spine and/or page cover worn/creased.
All books have a condition description on the Picture and/or Description page.
All pictures are actual scans of the books.
Book Type Code
  • PB = Paperback Book
  • HB = Hard Bound Book
  • HB-RDC = Readers Digest Condensed Book
  • HB-CON = Hard Bound Condensed Book
  • HB-NGS = National Geographic Society Book

Guarantee/Return Policy
If, for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, please contact us by e-mail within 2 days of receipt. You will receive a return authorization number. Then send the item back to us (in the original package) within 3 days of receiving return authorization and you will be refunded for the amount of your purchase - less shipping cost.

About Roger's Attic
I have been a "BOOKAHOLIC" for over 60 years and had amassed a large collection of books (mostly by my favorite authors) and after  moving a truck load of books to our new house, I decided they had to go because of limited storage. So, I started selling on eBay and other places, but soon found that the listing expense was more than the cost of some books. Decided to try an "On-Line" store of my own and have had a lot of fun building the store even though it's not up to professional standards. Once the current inventory is sold, Roger's Attic will close.

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